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Monday, November 10, 2008

A Sex Change We Can Believe In!!!!

This week didn't just stand for change in the nations most important office. No, change was felt through out the nations political system from state wide elections to small town mayors. In by far the hottest race of the 2008 political elections, Stu Rasmussen beat out incumbent mayor Ken Hector. This is Rasmussen's third term as mayor of Silverton ( A town with 9,600 people...I know...This means he's qualified to be governor of Alaska and a VP candidate as well). What is going to be different for Stu this time? Well for starters he is now a women. Yes, Stu Rasmussen will be coming back to city hall dressed as a woman with breast implants and size 11 3 inch heels. Rasmussen, 60, a local politician since 1984, has been elected twice as city mayor in 1988 and 1990. However, at that time, he did his official affairs wearing shirts and pants. Stu Rasmussen publicly transitioned into a women the years in between his terms as mayor. With the support of the town, and with a campaign slogan about preserving the community, Rasmussen was able to win win his third term as mayor by more than 400 votes ( which is alot when 4,000 barley voted). Stu says hes a fiscal conservative, a social liberal, and hot ass slut!

Apparently Stu Rasmussen likes to dress in miniskirts and black boots, and some say she is the ,kind of women who can stop traffic.( Ok The Sarah Palin comparisons need to stop). She has been cross dressing for 15 year starting out small just getting her nails done then going out in full Tranny gear. Stu says hes a straight dude in a woman's body. He has been with the same women for 30 years. Policy issues dominated the race because everyone knew Stu and didn't have a problem with him.

I'll say it again, What is with Trannies lately???? I previously did a post on this, but the Tranny Train is moving full steam ahead. There was the pregnant man, the Tranny Chicken, the Top Model Tranny, Tila Tequila, Aubrey Odey, Onch the Asian kid from Paris Hilton New Best Friend, and Transtasia ( Doc about Transgendered beauty pageants that won a bunch of awards at Cannes). Watch out world, if things continue down this path, I think I see the Republican candidate for 2012. He has just as much experience as Sarah Palin, wants to cut the government fat, is a Maverick, and knows how to rock a pair of leather boots. Ladies and Gentlemen Stu Rasmussen will not stop at mayor, you thought it was history with Obama being the first African American president. Well, watch 2012 will be the year of the first Tranny president. Video below of hot ass Stu being interviewed in front of his favorite 4 a.m. corner. I kid, I kid.

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