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Monday, September 15, 2008


MTV has decided to put TRL out of is misery by ending its ten year run with a 2 hour special in November. This is the only time MTV ever plays videos, so I guess the whole "Music Television" thing is just in name now. I don't have any feelings about this because I don't watch TRL. Anyone who really is interested in music and who wants to find new compelling music can do it on the Internet. The real story here is what MTV will replace TRL with. MTV's programing has become such trash that whatever replaces TRL can only be an improvement. Whether its dating someones mom or humiliating yourself on some scripted reality TV show MTV will surely come up with some garbage at 3 o'clock. I wish they would bring back MTV news. They could use Kurt Loder. Even if he is dead they could rig him up Weekend at Bernie's style. After all the trash that is on that network some news wouldn't hurt anyone would it? Even if its a story about "Breastfest."

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