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Monday, September 1, 2008

Gossip Girls Returns!!!! and Disapoints...:(

Gossip Girl has been everywhere letting everyone know that they are starting a new season and we should all be excited about it. Well it was on tonight and I kind of thought it sucked. As I previously mentioned, Gossip Girl has decided to basically pluck story lines out of pop culture instead of paying writers to come up with new stories. It some what worked last season, but I kind of feel that they are now just pulling a Law and Order, and leaving work at 3:30. The fun part is to look for hints and predict where they are going with story lines. Tonight I caught a few that I think are going to develop. First, Nathan is sleeping with a married women, Serena and Dan are getting back together. Chuck won't tell Blair he loves her so she is dating a guy that she wasn't interested in, but now is because he was hiding his royal background. Jenny Humphrey works for some fashion designer who is mean. Here are my predictions. Jenny will become anorexic and a junkie- maybe even "Whinehouseish." The hint was telling Dan she wanted "Popsicles" for dinner, and the fact that she works for a designer. Blair's new guy who faked his accent will turn out to be like Anne Hathaway's ex boyfriend that was a high end con man who pretended that he worked for the Vatican. He will steal a bunch of money. It will be Dan's story line from last season switched to Blair and Chuck. Nathan will somehow be involved with this married lady and her husband, which I think will go in a murder direction. Nathan will be framed or something. There are many rich people murder things recently in the news. Rockfeller or something right? There you go, you have the rest of the season in front of you. Gossip Girls even gave a nod to this world they pluck there story lines from by having Tinsley Mortimer make an appearance at a White Party. Keep your eye on the real life world of socialites because whatever happens will probably end up on Gossip Girls. 

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