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Monday, May 12, 2008

Gossip Girls Has Figured Out Art Imitating Life Is Easier Than Paying Writers

I have never been interested in the "O.C" or for that matter any teen, post teen, or thirty something prime time dramas. I have always felt they were to forced and over the top. If you are going for the drama route why not go all the way and end up with a incredible TV show like Passions? I have been forced to watch Gossip Girl with Kara, and was pretty disappointed the first half of the season, but since the show has come back after its break, I have to say it is damn entertaining. The show has figured out that websites like Perez Hilton and other celebrity blogs get millions of page views just reporting on the personal life's of celebrities and rich people. So why not lift most of those stories out of the blogs and make it into story lines of a prime time drama. I would normally think that the story lines on Gossip Girl are over the top, but when you read about things that are exactly like what happens on the show, it is more believable. Add the fact that it takes place in New York, which automatically makes it more hip, and you have a decent show. The problem with the "O.C." was that it took place in California which is fake and the story lines dragged. Gossip Girls keeps the story fast paced mimicking the day to day updates of gossip blogs. It drops references to the real world of Manhattan, and basically turns the whole Gawker website into a TV show. I have finally realized that it works and watch without the protest and disgust that I did in the past. I recommend getting into the show. It is not as great as people say, but is definitely worth watching. I still think that they should add Chric Crocker as Serena's brother. It would complete the art imitating life gimmick, and add a tongue a tongue and cheek aspect. 

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