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Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Match Made in the Psych Ward...

Correction- Mel And Britney are in Costa Rico not Mexico- thank you picky reader- Also he is married and his wife is with them, so this post is basically ruined.
Britney Spears (Yes, not a sociopath not yet a psychopath Britney Spears) and Mel Gibson are vacationing together in Mexico. Yes Mel Gibson and Britney Spears are vacationing together. This budding recrazyship has been hinting in the Gossip world for sometime now. A couple months ago they had dinner together. This dinner resisted the usual automatic "they are sleeping together" tag line, but I am sure the rags won't make the same mistake twice. Mel Gibson may be married, but that is completely useless for this discussion. I guess Britney is having phone sex with K-Fed at night, and having real sex with Braveheart during the day. I previously posted on this saying some sort of collaboration in music or film would be the best thing to come out of a Spears-Gibson meeting, but I really think that these two dating would be the best thing to come out of this. On the bizarro scale this couple could reach Michael Jackson -Lisa Marie Presley levels of what the fuck. I am sure that these two are the only ones that understand each other, so how could it go wrong? Well, probably in every way possible. I can only prey that they actually are sleeping together. Just thinking what South Park could do with this makes my heart skip a beat. Watch Mel Gibson bring back Britney's career. He will spend months nursing her back to semi-sanity then white-man-dance stage side as she performs on Good Morning America, shield her from the photo flashes, and then shed a tear as she thanks him when she finally wins her Grammy. It would be the most shrewd plan ever to miserly hoard all the publicity that the media is capable of giving. Maybe Britney isn't as crazy as we all think. Who am I kidding. These two are bat shit nuts. Always have and always will be. Maybe they are just friends vacating together....no way.

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Mel and Britney are vacationing in Costa Rica not Mexico.