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Friday, May 23, 2008

Pittsburgh is Stupid....

For all you people who are from Pittsburgh, but live somewhere else, let me assure you that your decision is the right one. The Pittsburgh Penguins want to put giant banners on some of the cities skyscrapers to pump up the city for the Stanley Cup Finals. Pittsburgh has one of the most beautiful sky lines with some of the best architecture in the country. Other cities often hang banners, advertisements, and other build boards from their downtown buildings to entertain the city or celebrate an important event. During the Winter Olympics Salt Lake City put different banners and stencils on skyscrapers spanning the full length of the buildings of athletes and Olympic imagery. During the NBA all star game Las Vegas even put a giant jersey on the Statute of Liberty at the New York New York Casino. This helps the city's image and gets the people who live there excited about the attention that the sporting events are giving their town. 

Well Pittsburgh isn't like other cities and does everything opposite of what other places would. The Penguins wanted to hang banners of the team and Sydney Crosby on the Fifth Avenue Place building and other skyscrapers, but the geniuses over on City Council decided to put a moratorium on build boards in the city to get back at the Mayor for commissioning a new electronic build board on the Greyhound station without first consulting the City Council. They will not even make an exception for Stanley Cup advertisements. So as the world focuses on Pittsburgh there will be no new signs to highlight our beautiful city. And to make matters worse the UPMC letters that have been added to the Steel building are not completed and only UP_C are up. So when the cameras pan over the city they will see a half completed sign to get people interested in the city. Awesome. (actually I think the UPMC sign is being finished - I am taking artistic liberty is characterising it the way I did). everyone is pointing fingers at each other. City Council is blaming the mayor and the Penguins, the Mayor is blaming City Council and the Penguins, and the Penguins are blaming City Council and the Mayor. I guess City Council and the Mayor have decided to bend the city over and do anything it can to prevent it from becoming a better place to live. All I can say is thanks Doug Shields and all. You really know how to take advantage of a great situation. You may as well flood the streets with shit during the playoffs. Round up all the homeless people and put them in front of the Civic Arena. Anything to make to city look bad. Why can't Pittsburgh just work... you know work like other cities do. It is frustrating as all hell.

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