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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dear Internet, I Have Found the Worlds Smallest Horse, Which Can Be Perfectly Paired With the Worlds Smallest Teenager!!

Thumbelina is the worlds smallest horse. She made an appearance at the Pittsburgh Children's Hospital for something yesterday. I guess to make children happy. Hell it would make me happy if I was a kid. (Although I would have liked to see the calamity that would have resulted from bringing a full sized horse into a hospital...but that's just me). I saw this and couldn't help but immediately think of the Indian teenager, Jyoti, who was making the rounds on websites and news stations a couple of weeks ago. Imagine Jyoti riding on Thumbelina. I hope this made someones day because that mental image could be the greatest I have ever had. Below is a picture of the Indian Teenager, Jyoti. God made these two living creatures for eachother!!! And for us of course. Jyoti + Thumbelina = The greatest image the Internet has ever conjured up. Three cheers for the Internet.Hip Hip Hooray! Jyoti could ride Thumbelina to the mall to meet her friends or even to school! It would make the world a better place. I know it!

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