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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Tonight was some damn good TV. I would not continue reading if you don't want to be spoiled....

The Penguins lost to those dirty Philly punks, but who cares because TV was so good that it made up for it. First, the Office season finale made its incredible appearance. The show was at its best. The jokes were great and the story line was wasn't to far behind. Toby left Dunder Mifflin, because of Pam no doubt, so the Office decided to through a going away party. This caused humor scenario number one with the party committee arguing over planning the party. Then Toby's replacement showed up for funny scenario number 2. Michael and Kevin fell in love with her while Dwight told her that Kevin was retarded resulting in a major laugh riot. Scenario number 3 then enters the picture when Jim decides he will propose to Pam, only to be upstaged by Andy stealing Jim's moment to pop Angela the question. Scenario number 4 completed the epic episode when Michael finds out Jan is pregnant from a sperm donor she went to while they were dating. Phillis walks in on Angela and Dwight doing it at the end of the episode. I highly recommend spending the $1.99 to buy this on itunes if you haven't seen it.

The Following is a very sloppy recap with spoilers - I only wrote it because I was so excited. It is probably not my best work- You may want to skip this.

Now we move on to Lost, which firmly established itself as the best TV show ever in the history of TV. Yes even better than the Fat Pets show. Basically it was confirmed that Jack and Clare are half brother and sister sharing the same dad. We see the Oceanic Six (Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Sun, Hurley, and Arron) being rescued. They less falsehoods at the press conference saying there were no other survivors after the plane crashed in the ocean and the current led them to an island. A boat washed ashore, which they took to an inhabited island. Meanwhile Ben, Locke, and Hurley are trying to get to the Orchid to move the island. Jack and Kate leave the beach to look for the helicopter thinking that Sayid is on it. They met Sawyer and the psychic Asian dude who tell them that the evil people from the freighter are trying to kill everyone. Jack and Sawyer move on to get to the chopper because they think Sayidd is on it, and Kate takes Arron and Asian dude back to beach. I kind of forget how things panned out from here, but basically Sayidd comes back with a boat and starts transporting people to the freighter because the island is going to be blow up. He sets out with Kate to get Jack and Sawyer back away from danger. They get captured by the remaining Others which includes the man we saw with young John Locke ( can he time travel?). Meanwhile back at the ranch. Locke, Ben and Hurley find that the evil people have found the Orchid (the place where you move the island). Ben sacrifices himself to let John get into the Orchid and move the island. The first boat load makes it to the island where Desmond finds out there is something transmitting off the boat. They can't take the freighter to the island to get everyone else until the transmission stops. Michael Desmond and Jin (who was on first boat that was brought to freighter) find out that the freighter is rigged with a ton of Dynamite transmitting a signal to the evil people. So...everyone is stuck between a rock (funny this was the gift Michael gave to Toby as a going away gift on the Office...coincidence?) and a hard place. The people on the boat are on a giant bomb, the people on the island are on a giant bomb, the people traveling back and for the between the island may get lost if the island is moved, the evil people have control of the orchid, the others have control of Kate and Sayidd, and Jack and Sawyer are tyring to save Hurley who is hiding in the woods near the Orchid. This makes for one hell of a season finale.

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