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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jude Law Has To Be Coked Out of His Mind!!!

The Sun has these pictures of Jude Law and Kimberly Stewart eating each other at some club in Essex. Jude Law has to be an 8 ball deep in this picture to kiss Kimberly Stewart. I bet he doesn't even know who she is. She was the only girl in the club with a false sense of entitlement, and who is slutty enough to walk up to a staggering shit faced Jude Law and start making out. It could have been anyone Kimberly Stewart saw her opportunity and jumped on it. This girl is a slut professional she would never miss an opportunity like that. She knows her "career" depends on it. Jude Law probably woke up the next morning, saw these pictures, and proceed to cower in the corner of his shower scrubbing himself till he nearly bleeds (with the crying game theme playing in the back round). Although, Jude Law is pretty scummy himself, so he could have been all happy about another notch in the bed post... with Kimberly Stewart none the less. The best part of this story is that they were at some really crappy club, where reality TV stars hang out. Well, in Pittsburgh that is like every club, but I guess it would be like Chauncey's. Remember that dump? The sources said they were hoping to see Jodie Marsh, but instead saw these two. That's funny because that is exactly the type of place I would expect to see Stewart. I hate to break it to you, but these two aren't much better than Jodie Marsh. If you are basing celebrity on sexual promiscuity, Jude Law and Kimberly Stewart may have Jodie, I had an orgy in a barn when I was 12, Marsh beat. I just don't see what people see in Kimbo Stewart. Well they probably see the bottom of a Pint glass, because I am sure that is the last thing you remember before making out with her. Maybe its because I am not turned on by elf like young boys. Further, the fact that she was one of those girls who fought with each other over the scraps of media attention that bounced off Paris Hilton, makes her even more ugly.

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