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Friday, May 23, 2008

Screw the Dark Knight, Pineapple Express is the Movie of the Summer!

I can't wait for Pineapple Express to come out this summer. There are a lot of good movies coming out like Dark Knight, The Happening, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, X-Files, Hancock, and the Hulk, but none of them come close to the inevitable stoner classic Pineapple Express. Judd Apatow and David Gordon Green team up to make a movie about stoners being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Simple yet ingenious. I am sure we will be left with enough one liners for a life time of undergraduate blazing sessions. Seth Rogan and James Franco play pot heads who witness the murder of a crooked cop on their way to pick up a super strain of bud called "Pineapple Express." The trailer is pretty funny and makes good use of "Paper Planes." I called it, that song will make a summer 2008 resurgence and be even more popular than last year. If you love Superbad and love the comic buffoonery of hallucinogenics in everyday situations, then Pineapple Express is for you ...and me.  

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