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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

That Was Exhausting!!!

David Cook has won American Idol by 12 million votes. There was a staggering 97 million votes cast in this seasons finale. Let me tell you, this finale was a mess!! The second hour somewhat made up for the first hour, but it still did not even approach the levels of years past finale's. The dance number seriously look like they were choreographed by Corky St. Clair. Actually, Amanda Overmyer would have been able to sing and dance at the same time if Corky St. Clair choreographed the finale. If I never see an arm swing and I side step again in my life I will be a happy man. 

The Producers went the "That's Familiar," route for old people the first hour by raiding the county fair circuit booking ZZ Top, Donna Summer (who looked as if she was going to cut off Ryan's nuts for taking the attention away from her performance by looking stupid by break-dancing), and Graham Nash. I think Seal was in there somewhere too, which surprised no one. What would a finale of a live entertainment show be without Seal to sing "nice" songs. The first hour also had its fare share of shameless product placement and promotion. Ford squeezed every last bit of cheap endorsement out of the two finalists before the Davids go stale (beginning.....now). Mike Meyers also got a good 7 minutes of screen time for his new movie The Guru. You can't help but be impressed with the way that the Idol machine works. 

Hour two had more arm swings and side steps by the top twelve, giving everyone a sneak peak on the best way to waste your money this summer. They best they could do it the pop department was One Republic which the loser David sung with. They really failed to get the big names this year. Hour two also had Bryan Adams, George Michaels (who probably put the old people to sleep who made it through hour one), and Carrie Underwood. They had to remind everyone who last years winner was so they let Jordan Sparks sing a song. There was some more promotion, some more arms swings, and couple steps, some Tropic Thunder, and finally the results, which by all means were a surprise. Another year another season of Idol over. Now I can watch So You Think You Can Dance and begin rooting for another person that I will forget in six months.

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