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Monday, May 5, 2008

Iroman Did Really Good ...

I guess everyone went to see Ironman this weekend. It made $100.8 million. Thats nothing, wait until Lohan's ball room dancing movie Dare to Love Me comes out. This should really be no surprise to anyone. It did open against Made of Honor!!! COME ON, Waterworld could have done 100 mill against Made of Honor. The promo for this movie was pretty crazy, but I am still shocked that Gwenyn Paltro and Robert Deniro can carry a summer blockbuster. I mean we all remember Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow? Or have you force forgotten it? Well, I guess the promo was worth it, and also, this weekend was college and some high school graduation, so all the young people went out. Whatever the reason, the movie did good, and from what I hear it is well worth seeing. All the nerds are going nuts because I guess if you wait until the end of the movie, there is a teaser for a sequel involving Smuel L. Jackson, an eye patch, and the Avengers. Here is the video:

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