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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pens Win Eastern Conference Semi-Finals

Pittsburgh won game five 3-2 in classic thrilling fashion with an overtime goal by Marian Hossa. The game was very much worth me missing my Sunday MTV reality show catch up. You could not ask for a better more thrilling game than this game.  The first period was scoreless followed by a second period dominated by the Pens. Marian Hossa scored first followed by a goal than none other than MVP (opinion) Malkin. In the third, the Rangers tied it up with a score by Korpikowski (whoever the hell that is) and one later by Nigel Dawes . We went to overtime and won with the best acquisition of the season Hossa (who many have said can't score in the post season).  Pens won the series 4-1, and will move on to the Eastern Conference Finals. Now we will have the "Turnpike Rivalry Series" against the Philadelphia Flyers. It will be Pennsylvania's 2008 White Trash Fest (well until the Regatta hits). The Flyers are a very physical team, so this series will be pure insanity. It may be a 300 style bloodbath. It could be the setting for a new Mel Gibson movie. (Ok, have I gone too far? I'll stop). The media will have a field day with hyping this series up ( me included I guess obviously). Drunk Pittsburgh fans vs. drunk Philly fans could be better than the actual games. Games one and two will be in the "Igloo", but the days and times have not yet been announced. If a series could be better than the series that just concluded it will be a Flyers-Pens series for the Eastern Conference Finals. Hell, the Flyers are led by a Pittsburgher, R.J. Umberger. Umberger has said that it would be a dream to come
home and face the Pens before game 5 against the Canadians. This will be crazy. The Pens are so bringing home the Stanley Cup.  Now, I have to go back to studying for my finals. I squeezed an update in, but I have a 20 page paper due along with some other tests. 

Here is a dissapointing video of Philly v. Pittsburgh fans, and a video of the Laraque Cote fight from April right before the playoffs.

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