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Monday, May 19, 2008

Penguins are Playing The Detroit Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals.

After having a scare with the Dallas Stars making a two game come back, the Detroit Red Wings finished off the Stars and secured their place in the Stanley Cup finals with a 4-1 victory early today. Detroit will try to win their fourth championship in 11 years. The first two games will be at Joe Louis Arena. The series opens Saturday, with the schedule following a Saturday-Monday-Wednesday pattern. Detroit will be the home team because it had more regular-season points — most in the league, in fact. The Red Wings are the first recipient of the Presidents' Trophy to play for the Cup since they did so in 2002. That also was the last time they were in the finals. The Red Wings and Penguins did not meet this season. They did the two previous years and Detroit won both. This will be the first Detroit-Pittsburgh finals, and it will also be the first all-American finals since 2003, when New Jersey faced Anaheim. This final will also be a battle of the washed up shadow of their great self cities. Burnt out Detroit and Pittsburgh left their economic success in the 70's. Pittsburgh and Detroit will both be desperate to bring the cup home to their respective cities. It could be the only chance to see people in downtown past six o'clock who aren't there to commit some sort of crime. Remember, only I am allowed to be hard on Pittsburgh because I live here. Such words on another website are a cause for gang warfare. Oh, and by the way the civil trial for that 1997 limo crash that killed two Red Wings defensemen celebrating Detroit's Stanley Cup victory proceeded today with the testimony of the limo driver. You can read about it here.

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