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Sunday, May 11, 2008

All Those Tornados are Nothing To Worry About...

I remember this time last year thinking that there were an usually large amount of tornadoes across the country. I even remember news stories talking about records being broken, and havoc being reeked. Well, this year things are even worse. There have been more tornadoes than any year in the last ten years including 47 over the weekend. Tornadoes have been historically drawn to white trash. They often ravage trailers parks and are responsible for millions lost in make shift meth labs being destroyed, but recently they have been touching dawn in the downtown of major cities and parts of the country that have never seen twisters. The country was basically detroyed by twisters this weekend leaving many people to say "We are not in Kansas anymore," Ba Dum Cha! I think most people need to admit that there is climate change and move on to figure out some answer. Read about the destruction here.

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