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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Is There Anything That Can't Be Filmed and Turned Into a Reality Show?

That was not a joke. Animal Planet has followed in the footsteps of Bravo! and decided to tape artistic professionals competing in their craft. In this case the craft is...pet grooming. Yes, Animal Planet's ,"Groomer Has It" chronicles the ups, downs, and daily struggles of people trying to make it in the cut throat world of animal beauty. The sad part about this is that I actually sat through an hour of this in disbelief. This is the only social setting were it would be appropriate to degrade the professional credentials of your colleagues by calling them a "glorified bather".  There is nothing like seeing people fight for an opportunity to live out their dream. The dramatic waves of Groomer Has It are only eclipsed by Flavor of Love and Viva La Hollywood. I thought that they were going to have to call in security when one contestant accidentally cut of the whiskers off a cat in one of the challenges. They actually found the top Himalayan Groomer to be a judge. Can you believe this shit. First a reality TV about Mearkats, then an Orangutan Island, now Pet Groomers? I don't even want to know where we are going next. The shows host has to be telling himself over and over again "you got to start somewhere. Work your way up. Before you know it you will be hosting the Bachelor." Apparently there is so much happening on this show that Animal Planet had to add the "Groomer Mill" to their website so that no one would miss out on the latest in the competition. You can't fault them from trying can you. At least they will have the Soup people watching.

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