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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

She's Not Going Away, Is She?

Hillary Clinton beat Obama by nearly 250,000 votes today in Kentucky. This Democratic primary is a major cluster fuck! Obama will not win the general primary. I voted for him because I like him, and his platform of change feels so necessary right now. Race never entered my mind. But Hillary Clinton is now ruining the easiest presidential win for a Democratic candidate in 50 years. Clinton has exposed the weakness that Obama has with working class voters, and it is basically all McCain from here on out. Thanks Hillary. Cities cannot win a general election for you and Obama can't win middle America. The issue of race and other Obama weaknesses with working class people would not be as obvious if Hillary would have dropped out of the race before West Virginia. By needlessly staying in the race she is now basically flattening the tires on the Obama bus. At this point the Democratic party almost needs to make Hillary the nomination just to win in November. It really is dirty politics. Shady if you ask me. It almost appears spiteful. Clinton knew what she was doing and has disguised "race" as "working class" issues. This is just a giant mess. How is Obama going to get a united Democratic vote when in a closed primary Hillary Clinton beats Obama  65% - 35% and 66%-23%. Obama won't even get all the Democratic votes in swing states let alone the swing voters. No president has won the White House without West Virginia or something like that. The Democrats don't deserve to win with such stupidity. McCain is going to win the election, mark my words, unless Clinton is the nominee and that sucks!! 
BTY- Obama won pretty big in Oregon, but that doesn't make much of a difference in this discussion.

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