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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

America's Next Top Nobody is...A Fat Girl!

After 11 seasons of bringing on plus sized contestant only to get rid of them half way through the season, Tyra Banks has decided to give the hollow honor to a full figured girl. You know this had to happen at some point. It was obligatory. One season of top model had to have big girl as its winner, and they decided that this season was it. I think that Tyra and the shows producers know that they have long past the prime of this show and it is only down hill from here. They had nothing to lose by crowning a chubby girl the winner. I am sure Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut will get into a bidding war over Whitney. She will be expecting calls from Vogue and Elle, but the first call she gets will be from the Golden Corral all you can eat buffet. I kid I kid. I called it though if it happens. After getting rid of the obvious winner, and only real model on the show Fatima, Tyra and company had skinny girl Anya and fat girl Whitney walk the runway. The show has given up finding true models a long time ago, and has instead been crowning Tyra's own indulgent picks. Last years winner Syesha attended Tyra's camp for young girls and was previously a model on Tyra's talks show. The show has really never been about modeling and more about girls being girls, and the disaster that happens when you make them live together.

I am sure we will never hear or see from Whitney again. She will fall into the black hole that opens at the end of every season, swallowing up the winners by entering them into their new career of obscurity. If anything Whitney will end up as Lane Bryant's newest spokes person and makes some rounds on day time talk shows blabbering about hips and curves. Then the new season will start, and this train wreck of a show will start all over again pushing this newly concluded season into reruns on MTV and VH1 during the weekends. The show is just a conveyor belt of syndicated crap. I think they should do a Supermodel version where they have all the winners come back for one last shot at winning nothing.

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