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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Penguins Pull One Out!!!

The Penguins remembered that they have an offense tonight, and a good one at that. The Penguins got back on their game and managed to hold the Red Wings off by winning game three of the Stanley Cup Finals. Crosby had two goals showing exactly why the Penguins won this game and lost the last two. Games one and two basically eliminated any game that our Center's have. Malkin and Crosby were pretty much prevented from playing hockey the first two games. Tonight the team managed to get them some puck time and look what happened. Malkin has been pretty tame this series (some say he misses his parents who have not been present at the games in a while ahhhhhh), but Crosby has show why he is one of the best Centers in the game. It was also nice to see the team back off that crappy "dump and chase" strategy that they were using in the first two games. The Red Wings were so effective on defense that the Pens couldn't even bring the puck into the Wings zone, so they were just dumping the puck into the Wings zone then racing them to the end of the ring. This may have worked against other teams, but Detroit is just as fast as the Pens so it obviously failed miserably. The Pens showed nice speed in the neutral zone and were able to attack the relentless onslaught of the Detroit defenseman. I had a feeling that they were going to pull off a win at home. They are incredible on the bizarre home ice (especially Crosby), and within the first period it was obvious that the Pens had brought their A game, and were back to their playoff level of Hockey. Lets hope they can keep it up and tie up the series before going back to Detroit. I don't like the couple days off because it could hurt the momentum of winning, but whatever. Hey, Lets Go Pens!!! I still think the Cup is coming to the Burgh. Regardless, this has been great for the city. Its nice to see a giant ESPN blow up sign in downtown Pittsburgh and the carnival like atmosphere as I drive past the Igloo on my way home from work.

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