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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Anthony Pellicano is very very bad man...

Via Defamer. Anthony Pellincano was convicted of conspiracy and racketeering today in a California court. The LA Times is reporting that additional verdicts are forthcoming for wiretapping; for the convictions so far, Pellicano faces up 10 years in prison. This came as no surprise no anyone. Pellicano has a reputation that hovered somewhere between Tony Soprano and Spencer Pratt. Pellicano was a private eye to the stars and was invovled in wiretapping scandals with names such as Tom "Xenu" Cruise, Roger Clemmons, Anthony Spilotro, Gary Shandling, and Chris Rock. On February 6, 2006, Pellicano was indicted on 110 counts in federal court in Los Angeles alleging crimes of racketeering and conspiracy, wiretapping, witness tampering, identity theft and destruction of evidence. According to former associate Paul Barresi, Pellicano would purchase tabloid reporters' celebrity gossip before it became public. He then would offer to do damage control for $25,000 or more. Pellicano has some some pretty crazy things all of which can be read about here on wikipedia. Its amazing that Hollywood really does have a seedy dark side that is fueled by black mail, gossip, and violence. It is like LA Confidential come to life. I wouldn't be surprised if we find out Pellicano has connections to that bad ass high school principal.

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