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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Real World Reflections...

So this real world is trying to be more real but it isn't really pulling it off. I did like the use of the word "Whambulance" on last nights episode to describe Greg. I just can't take hearing Brianna cry anymore about people judging her. If you can't judge someone for being a stripper that sleeps with a guy who blew you off and has made it perfectly clear that he fully intends on never calling you again after using you as a receptacle, then what can you judge people on? I forgot to mention that Bri also decided to have sex with her dreamboat in the same room where her roommates were awake clinging to their pillows tyring desperately to block out the noise coming from next to them. I found it funny how Sarah cried on the phone to her mom about Bri having sex. She acted like people were shooting heroin in her room or something. Her moms reaction was the best. She screamed making some noise similar to stepping on a cats tail. It was like Kyles mom's "What What Whaaat?". It is nice to see that Greg is establishing himself as the dick of the house. You always need one person to offend the other roommates in anyway they can think of. The non team player makes for great TV. The episode was your typical real world episode. Sex between roommates, jealousy from the sex, drunk, argument over not cleaning up, talk about roommate's, make up, hug. I am longing for the days of Joeys drunken shit storm. They really should have let him self destruct for a couple of more episodes.

MTV has announced plans to film the next season of Real World in Brooklyn. I can't wait to hear all of the hipsters complaining about the cast and crew. They should have the house join the Brooklyn kick ball league. You know the whole cast will be drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon, tyring to intellectually justify their decision, and arguing over who knows more about German Krautrock before the season is over.

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