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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Top Chef Has Driven Me Back To The Blog!!!

I have been studying for the Pennsylvania Bar Exam so I have been neglecting updating this blog, but I saw something tonight that was so revolting and shocking to my conscience that I could not help but jump on the computer to air my grievances. That slovenly waste of good reality television Lisa has made it to the Top Chef finale. Not only should she have been eliminated weeks ago, but now the finale will be ruined by the nausea that is going to be induced by watching Lisa's double chin cook her signature meal. To make matters even worse it looks like she has cut her hair short and completed her transformation into a bull dyke (and into Richard along the way) for the finale. Lisa sucks beyond belief. She is a horrendous chef, person, and television character. After continuously being in the bottom, only to make it to another week by capitalizing on the accidents of superior chefs, Lisa has waddled her way to Puerto Rico ready to complain and accuse others of sabotage. She fucked up cooking rice for the love of god!! Not once, but twice!! Spike decided to use frozen scallops giving Lisa her opportunity to make a mess and call it fine dining. She made peanut butter mash potatoes that I can give her credit for, but I am almost certain that this was stolen from some chef that Lisa dragged down in life at some point. I am not a Spike fan or anything, but anyone would have been better. This is a sad sad day. Man, I still can't believe that I am going to have to tolerate that mess during the finale. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

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