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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Penguins Win Extending Their Lead To 2-0

The Penguins won their second game against the Flyers a couple minutes ago. Crosby, Hossa (who doesn't score in playoffs huh), Talbot (with the game winner), and Stahl (empty net) all scored for the 4-2 victory. I really don't know who is going to be able to beat this team. The Pens are going to win the cup. The second and third periods were pretty weak for Pittsburgh and Philly still couldn't manage to beat them. There was some fighting, but this series has been kind of tame compare to what I thought it would be. The Flyers are going to be desperate and frustrated in game three, which could translate into violence. Yeah! There was also some kind of mushy story going on during the game between some kid with cancer and the Penguins. They kept showing him when they scored. Blah blah blah. Pittsburgh will do anything they can to make the story of the Penguins more dramatic and emotion filled. It just goes with the territory when a sport team starts winning in the Burgh.  I am just waiting for Mike Lang to break down and start saying things like "this team is a true inspiration" and what a "great story". The Pens are a solid team that are arguably the most well rounded team in the league. They have a great goalie that looks even better because of the team's ability to block shots. They have incredible power play killing ability, and they probably have the MVP of the year Malkin. They don't need a back story or some kind of inspiration behind there wins. They are just a solid team. Period. Now that I look like a complete heartless asshole, I'll at least say its nice to see the team giving back. Did that do anything for anyone? Recap here. I was too lazy to do it today. You know mothers day and all.

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