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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ted Kennedy's Head Unusually Large Due to Malignant Brain Tumor.

I know that the above statement was a bad joke, but in all seriousness this may the end to one of the great Democratic leaders in this country. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) has been in the hospital since Saturday due to repeated seizures. The AP is reporting that doctors have confirmed that Kennedy is suffering from a malignant brain tumor that is putting pressure on his brain. He was up and walking around over the weekend even discussing his condition with doctors. Doctors have said that radiation and chemotherapy will be the treatment but they have not ruled out anything. Kennedy has been a Senator since 1962. His life has been somewhat of a Greek tragedy being part of the cursed Kennedy's, but that has not stopped him from fighting for working class people by pushing bills aimed at reforming health care and education through the senate. The American political landscape would not be the same without Ted Kennedy. Lets all hope he is able to fight this, make a full recovery, and not be the first Kennedy to die of natural causes. That didn't sound right did it?

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