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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mars Area School District Principal is Hard as Hell!!!

UPDATE: for latest click here
Anna Saker the principal of Mars Area High School and her husband, Nazih, are accused of leading police on a chase after her husband was pulled over for speeding. Leave the Mars jokes to someone else because I have heard them all. Anna Saker, 55, was a passenger in her husband's vehicle about 5:30 p.m. Thursday when a police officer pulled the vehicle over for traveling 40 mph in a 25 mph area, according to court documents. When Patrolman Daniel Tressler approached the vehicle, Nazih Y. Saker of Lilly Vue Court said he was only driving 35 mph.That's when Anna Saker spoke up and said she was the principal of the school and that she knew the Mars officer in charge. The officer went to his vehicle to fill out the speeding ticket, but as he returned to the Saker vehicle, the driver shouted an obscenity and told the officer he must be new. When Tressler asked Nazih Saker to sign the ticket, Saker cursed Tressler and floored the car (a minivan no doubt) toward Route 228. Tressler chased the vehicle onto Brickyard Road and then onto Lilly Vue Court and into the couples' driveway. When Tressler ordered the couple out of the vehicle, the two got out of the car as Nazih Saker continued cursing and threatening to harm Tressler. Then Nazih Saker grabbed Tressler's left arm and shoved the officer backward. The officer extended his baton, but Saker's wife obstructed Tressler's view of Saker. That's when Tressler gripped his pistol and ordered the couple to the ground, but Anna Saker again stepped between her husband and the officer, waving her arms. Nazih Saker continued cursing and yelling obscenities as an officer from Adams Township police arrived. All four went into the home and calmed down. Nazih Saker is charged with two counts of aggravated assault, and one count each of terroristic threats, simple assault, resisting arrest, reckless driving, exceeding the speed limit, failing to stop at a sign and fleeing a police officer. He also was charged with four counts of disorderly conduct. Anna Saker is charged with four counts of disorderly conduct and obstructing the law.A preliminary hearing is set for June 4 before District Judge Wayne Seibel. That officer should have known better. He was dealing with a principal of a public High School. They are above the law. I wonder if Anna Saker is going to get Saturday detention for this. She should definitely lose all recess privileges. Ok Ill stop. This story is pretty funny though. There must have been a sale at Walmart or something. Why were they in such a hurry. I love how Anna tried to use being a Principal to get out of the ticket. Nice try lady, but the officer was probably a former student that failed out and you expelled at some point.

In other school scandal news, The President of West Virginia University Mike Garrison is getting the axe because he gave the governor Joe Manchin's daughter a M.B.A when she never completed the program. Two top university officials resigned last weekend over their part in the episode. Major donors have canceled plans to donate millions. Members of the Faculty Senate are planning a no-confidence vote on Garrison next week. And critics inside and outside the university have demanded the president resign over what appears to be an instance in which political pull influenced the awarding of a degree. The scandal cracked wide open last week after an investigative panel issued a report saying the university showed "seriously flawed" judgment last fall in retroactively awarding an executive master's of business administration degree to Heather Bresch, who attended the school in 1998 but did not earn enough credits. The panel said the business school gave Bresch credit for classes she didn't take, and assigned grades "simply pulled from thin air," giving her special treatment because of who she is. The degree has since been rescinded. The governor, a Democrat, has denied exerting any pressure and said he first learned of the dispute only after it became a news story. Bresch told The Associated Press that she believes she did nothing wrong. Bresch, 38, is not only the governor's daughter. She is chief operating officer of generic drug maker Mylan Inc., a major West Virginia benefactor with a lab in Morgantown that employs about 2,000 people. Mylan was one of the companies that raised the money to create the Executive MBA program, which is for full-time executives. Mylan's chairman, Milan "Mike" Puskar, is a Manchin supporter and one of West Virginia's biggest contributors. The business school deanship is endowed in Puskar's name, and the football stadium was named for him after he donated $20 million in 2003. Bresch is also a high school friend and former WVU classmate of Garrison. It looks as if there was no mistake here, it was a flat out shady political gift. Poor West Virginia. They just get shit on in this country. They just gave more ammunition for jokes about their education and character. I am sure things like this happen all over the country. How the hell did Bush get and MBA from Yale?


Anonymous said...

Well - she was just cleared of all charges! Amazing!! She sent my sone to in school detention because he returned a purse that was left behind in a class. He was accussed of stealing it instead!

Anonymous said...

Anna Saker, trying to be a role model as a Pricipal of a school gets charged...4 counts and your out lady...don't mess with the pOlice!

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