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Monday, May 19, 2008

Yes This is Worthy of a Post

A Drag Queen robbed a burger king in New Orleans. The shim climbed through the drive thru window, held the employees at gunpoint, then existed through the same drive thru windon. That's awesome, and what makes it even better is that the tranny was driving a pick up truck! I've seen this story on Fox News and a couple of other blogs. I love that a run of the mill robbery makes national news because a drag queen is the perpetrator. A Safety Specialist for WDSU was quoted as saying, "the thief is probably a genuine cross-dresser because his necklace matched the dress, his nails appeared to be painted and the wig was well made." Right, so the drag queen was a genuine cross dresser opposed to one of those fake drag queens. At least the investigation is going well. Roberston added, "Most of the time when somebody puts on a wig they're just trying to hide their identity by putting on something like a Halloween Mask, but he's pretty." This was not a robbery. It was merely a queen trying to track down that player Burger King. She was trying to sneak in through the drive thru to catch his ass. You know the King has got like 10 kids to 5 different women. These women want paid. Get that money!!

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