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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rihanna Covers Paper Planes...

I can't help but like Rihanna. Aside from being fly as hell, she makes some pretty good pop music and she sang the greatest pop track in the last five years. She is not a piece of junk like most celebrities, and is interested in moving art forward pushing the boundaries of what the mainstream will accept. Its nice to see that she maintains some individuality when most pop musicians in her place are exploited and manipulated into being some sort of character that doesn't resemble who they really are. Her performance of Umbrella with the Klaxons was a good example of this, and news that she covers M.I.A.'s refugee gangsta anthem Paper Planes on Kanye West's glow In The Dark tour is the icing on the cake. I have always thought that that song could be a top twenty pop song since I first heard it on Kala. It hit big last summer, but could make a resurgence with the attention that Rhianna is giving it. Lets hope this opens the minds of mainstream pop fans to music of the underground. This video is only a segment near the end of the song. If anyone has a full clear version send it this way.

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