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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Living La Vida Loca, Lohan Style!

I think this show will be an age defining reality TV show. Not only will we fully understand how a promising young star has come to career maturity by selling her own line of leggings, but we will also get to see it happening to her sister. We all know that Dina Lohan is the devil come to life as a stage mother, but this videotaped field trip into her brain can only further clarify how much this family is beyond repair. The show has not even debuted yet and Dina Lohan is already embarrassing herself with ridiculous statements. Here are my favorite pre-release Dina Lohanisms thus far.

3) I don't want Lindsey on my show because I feel like it would be a step back in her career.

2) I have no choice, but manage my kids. Allie wants to be famous and I can't tell her no. I have to protect my cubs.

1) These paparrazzi and tabloid magazines are out of control. There must be boundries set with my family's personal life.

Now those are not direct quotes, but they are pretty close. For starters Lindsey Lohan's career is in a perfect place for a reality TV show. Second, you are choosing to make your kids famous. No one believes for a second that this is their choice and you are only trying to "protect your cubs." Lastly, boundaries? You signed up for a reality TV show. Camera's are following you around. You really think you have a right to whine about boundaries with the media? This show will be the most entertaining train wreck since Groomer Has It. The world will be intimately aware of the parasitic relationship between fame-mongers and tabloid magazines. Dina Lohan can pretty much forget about ever expecting an ounce of sympathy from anyone when she complains about the media and what they write about her family. You can't give the paparazzi your address and then complain when they show up. If anything can make Michael Lohan look sane, it will be this TV show.

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