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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Has Gawker Uncovered the Identity of Banksy?

I have been out of the game for a while because of finals. I officially have a J.D. with the completion my last final on Saturday. I take my bar in July, and then I am officially a lawyer, but whatever. In more important news, Gawker has reported that they have uncovered the identity of the guerrilla street artist Banksy. If you are unfamiliar with Banksy I am not going to fill you in. All you need to know is that he is fucking awesome. He is well known for his ant-establishment art work that often mixes themes of war and peace. He has tagged religious sites in Bethlehem, underground tunnels in London, and was responsible for replacing copies of Paris Hilton's album with doctored copies "remixed" with his artwork. Banksy is known for being secretive, keeping his identity hidden, rarely giving interviews, and making sure that his picture is not taken. Well, anyway Gawker says that a tip from multiple sources says that Nick Walker (another British stencil artist) was tagging a wall at the Thunder Jackson restaurant in Manhattan and confirmed that he was Banksy, presumably assuming that the waitress that asked him was not aware of who Banksy or Nick Walker's was. Of course most don't believe this, I don't even think Gawker is taking themselves seriously.  This all is all weird since Gawker has previously published a picture of Banksy, revealing his identity for all to see. The picture wasn't Nick Walker. Maybe Banksy is a bunch of artists like the Shakespeare theory, or it is just Nick Walker using a name to gain notoriety. Most say that there are subtle differences between Nick Walker and Banksy's work. Banksy has trouble painting feet, a la Beatrix Potter with hands. Some others think that this is all working toward some scheme Banksy has in the works, which includes copyrighting his work. Whatever he has up his sleeve, and if Nick Walker is involved it should be ground breaking like the rest of his work.

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