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Monday, May 19, 2008

Has Everyone Seen This? If Yes Watch It Again.

Most people love Oprah's favorite things for the products that she highlights, but any self respecting blog reader knows the real reason why Oprah's Favorite Things is the best episode of the season. Need I say more than audience reaction! I am sure everyone has seen this, seeing that I hijacked the video from Best Week Ever, but watch it anyway because each viewing allows for the noticing of a new hyperventilating middle aged women seconds away from her first and only orgasm in life. These reactions are also important because they provide the Soup with endless editing material. ( BTW did everyone see the Soup where they flipped the insane Tom Cruise fan's reaction to make it seem like she was actually panicking and resisting a chance to meet Tom Cruise again. Needless to say it was funny). I was surprised to hear about a law suit involving personal injuries that one Oprah audience member filed against the show. She claimed that she was trampled by an audience stampede resulting from a frenzied riot to get the best seats in the studio. Now I can fully comprehend how a dangerous situation is created at an Oprah show taping. Those middle age women don't fool around. Nothing gets in between them and Oprah. Nothing. The Soup clip is below. Fast forward to 5:30, and pay close attention the woman's arms. 

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