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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Two Completely Unrelated Hospitalization Stories.

Here are two completely unrelated news stories involving the hospitalization of people. I know there are a wide range of people who read my blog, so I hope something in this post is of interest to someone. First, I have been covering a lot of Sports and more specifically the Penguins, so this first news story is quit compelling. The Ranger's Sean Avery was hospitalized last night. It was first reported that he was found unconscious not breathing last night, but today the New York Times is reporting that he was driven to St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan by team doctors after the game.  A few players said Avery did not seem well between the second and third periods. He was admitted into the intensive car unit and diagnosed with a lacerated spleen, an injury not uncommon a sport like Hockey. Avery is known for antagonizing the opposing teams goal tender, and is often an annoying player that gets in the heads of his opponents. His Mosquito like qualities have been a failure against the Pens who lead the series 3-0. He is out for the season. 

In other hospitalization news, Pitchfork reports The MC known as Spank Rock was taken to the hospital in Palm Springs making his Coachella appearance a no go. He underwent a serious emergency surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. I bet his sickness had something to do with Paris Hilton being at Coachella. I am sure it had nothing to do with it, and he never even saw her, but it makes me feel better blaming Paris. Naeem "Spank Rock" Juwan's ailment forced the cancellation of his planned appearance this Friday, May 2 at the grand opening of Brooklyn club Studio B's new rooftop area. (Brazilian Girls, the Rub, Chester French, Roxy Cottontail, and 88-Keys are still scheduled to play that event.) If you missed them at Coachella you can also catch them at Lalapalooza in Chicago this year. If you haven't heard any of Spank Rocks stuff I would recommend starting with "Bump". The track is hard as hell and has a great 16 bar by Amanda Blank who just tears the track to pieces. Lets hope Spank Rock has a speedy recovery so he can continue creating insane, filthy, funky rhymes.
See, we can bring people together covering sports and music. Ailments can open a whole world of information to people who would have never been exposed to it otherwise!!! Something good came out of a lacerated spleen and undisclosed emergency surgery. Here is a Flavorpill Halloween party with Spank Rock and Amanda Blank

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