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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Don't Buy The Abortion Art Story For a Second


If you haven't read the Abortion Art news story yet, you can read it here, but don't bother because people are already reporting that it is a hoax. From the minute I read this story this morning, I thought there was something fishy about it. For starters, when a women gets pregnant her physiology changes, and hormones begin to boil that were dormant before ( Like my scientific explanation of pregnancy?). The fact that this girl thinks we would belief that she could continue to get pregnant over a nine month period and have no lasting psychological or physiological side effects is crazy. Further, how do you get your hands on 1) abortifacient drugs 2) Tools to properly artificially inseminate herself so easily over and over again. I also don't understand how this girl was so successful in getting herself pregnant. I mean, I thought artificial insemination was a difficult procedure that took a lab and attention to detail. If you can get yourself pregnant continuously over a ninth period with a turkey baster, then that's news to me. To me, the most glaring hole in this project, is the fact that she completely underestimates the effects pregnancy and miscarriage has on the mind and body of a women. Not that I know, but I assume that you wouldn't be able to isolate the experience, and remove yourself from it so that it could be turned into a piece of art work. Women who get pregnant, have a miscarriage, or have an abortion, do not take it lightly. It is an experience that sticks with then and haunts them, no matter how they outwordly express it. If Aliza Shvarts did do this, she would most likely emotionally and physically burn out after the first or second miscarraige. I just don't see an artist being this non-human. I could see it possibly being true, if the artist was an outside participant and took samples from women going through miscarriages, but I can't see the women having the miscarriage as the artist. It would be too personal of an experience to be so removed from, but who knows there are some crazy people in the art world. I remember a performance art that I went to once in College that had people vomitting milk everywhere. Whatever. These days if you can sound smart arguing that something is art, then people will believe it is.

P.S- If you wonder why I have been postin without pictures, it is because the blogger network is having some kind of problem uploading pictures.

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