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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Penns almost had it...

The Penguins really need to just seal the deal and win their division. They could have won the division for the first time in 10 years if they would have beaten the Rangers last night (that is why I posted that image of Jaromir Jagr. Anytime the Pens play the Rangers, I will post that incredible picture of his awesome bangs and mullet). Instead, they lost 2-1, and have to wait til Wednesday against the Flyers. At 46-26-8 with 100 points, the Penguins will win their first division title since 1997-98 with a victory in either of their final two regular-season games - against the Flyers. Jagr scored a bizarre goal in the second period while Chris Drury scored the game winner in overtime. Talbot scored the only goal for the Penguins.

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