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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

OJ Simpson Is Funny...

OJ Simpson has apparantley asked Donald Trump if he can be on the next Celebrity Apprentice. I just love how OJ Simpson refuses to acknowledge that most people see him as a murderer and violent person. He just decides to live in his own world where everyone loves him, and thinks hes talented. That aggravated assault charge? Oh that was nothing, just a misunderstanding. That murder trial? Oh yeah what a shame, I'm still looking for the true killer. He is just a great liar, and an insane person, which translates into great reality TV character. This would be a great idea, except for the fact that Simpson kills people. I could just see him murdering Ricki Lake on the Apprentice and convincing himself that he was innocent. They would get into an argument over creating a Kodak photo commercial and OJ would throw her out a window in the Trumo Towers, only to deny ever meeting her. Worth the ratings? ......maybe.  I just have to add the video of OJ going on live TV in Dallas to answer questions. Yeah see what I mean about being in another world, and the thing about great TV.

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