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Friday, April 18, 2008

Randy Marsh Is The True Star Of South Park

Did everyone catch South Park the other night? It says alot when Eric Cartman was not even on the whole episode. Cartman was pretty much responsible for the success of South Park in its early days of creation, but Cartman is no longer the star of the show. Randy Marsh has established himself as the best charcter on the show. Sure seasons past have hinted at the fact that Stan's dad was often under utilized, but the last two seasons have made up for it by giving the "everyman" the screen time he deserves. Ever since the masturbating in the hot tub episode, Randy has been the focus of some of the best story lines on the show. The over zelous sports parent - "uhh what are you going to do?", the guitar hero, drunk driving, local hero,  the "cheeser", and now the internet porn craver. South Park has realized they were sitting on a gold mine with Randy Marsh, and to the benefit of all of us, he has been getting more and more story lines. Lets hope this attention to the big dumb animal of a dad continues because South Park has had some of its best episodes in years keeping Randy Marsh in the plot lines.

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