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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rob Lowe Hits An Alll Time....umm...Low.

So that little preemptive strike that Rob Lowe launched against his babysitter Jessica Gibson over on Huffingpost proved to be about as effective as the U.S's strike against Iraq. You see, when you try to beat someone to the punch on embarrassing information that they are attempting to extort you with by suing them for breach of a confidentiality agreement, make sure the information is without merit. You may also want to consider previous indiscretions involving young women, sex, and a camera. One other thing, If the police offer to intervene in an extortion case, don't decline their help.

Rob Lowe has just been hit with return fire by the baby sitter he accused of extorting him out of money to keep quit, in the form of a sexual harassment lawsuit. The lawsuit details a bunch of scum bag incidents taken from Jude Laws play book. Uh Oh. Just to let everyone out there know, when your babysitter comes to you complaining about the ass slaps and groping you may want to pay some attention, or money, instead of publicly denying her concerns. Since Rob Lowe has proven his talent in the sleaze ball scum bag department with that headline snatching sex tape from the 1980's, we all should have known that there was two sides to the story. One being the truth. Lets see how this pans out. I hear settlement calling.

Of course the baby sitter is being represented by scorned-harlot-lawyer extraordinaire Gloria Alldred. Whenever there is any news story getting some extra attention involving a women, a married man, and Southern California (Amber Frye, Hunter Tylo, Paula Jones, Nicole Brown Simpson, Lady who had to take nipple rings out at airport just to name a few), Gloria Aldred rears her ugly head. If you are legally entitled to publicity Aldred will take off the gloves and fight for you, squeezing every headline out of the 24 hour news networks, and bullying her way onto any talk show she can between the hours of 8 P.M and 11. P.M. Aldred is working double time right now because she is also somehow involved with that other headline involving those 8 girls who kidnapped and beat up the cheerleader in Florida. Alldred knows how to get you and herself on TV.

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