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Monday, April 21, 2008

Its One of Those Housewifes From Those Shows on Bravo!

This is a picture of Lindsey Lohan at some Tropicana event where Samantha Ronson was a guest DJ. I guess these two are still finding some use for each other. I am always just amazed at how bad Lohan looks. We were watching Mean Girls the other night, and I couldn't believe how much this girl has aged since that movie. She had such promise. It's like she was tied to the back of a horse somewhere in Texas, its ass was slapped, and she was dragged  to wherever in LA. or New York this picture was taken. She looks older than her mother, but not quit as old as her little sister. I've seen better looking 21 year olds in McKees Rock strip clubs Yo! She would be a perfect candidate for that Real Housewife's of New Jersey show Bravo is currently filming. She would fit right in with middle age women trying to relive their youth through money and bad martini bars.  Oh yeah and i guess Gawker has found Lindsay's Facebook page. She calls herself Lindsay Ronson. I guess she is serious about this lesbian stuff. 

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