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Monday, April 14, 2008

Penguins lead series 3-0

At this point I think Deadspin knows they are wrong so I won't say anything more about it. The Penguins continued their complete domination over the Senators by winning game three in Ottawa in humiliating fashion. Within the first 90 seconds of the third period, the Penguins scored taking the lead and then scored again letting the Senators know that the return of Captain Daniel Alfredsson didn't mean much. When the Penguins grab a 3-0 series lead, they are 6-1 in their playoffs history. Ottawa has been behind twice by 0-3, and lost both such first-round series, in 1999 and 2001, so, this looks like pretty good news for Pens fans (Or am I verbally falating the team?) The Senators scored first in the first period, but Maxime Talbot took a Marian Hossa pass and backhanded the puck between the legs of Martin Gerber to tie the game in the second period. The third period started with Crosby scoring in the first 12 seconds followed by Stahl scoring a 1:18 seconds later. Later in the Fourth former Senator Hossa nailed the coffin shut with a power play goal. The Penguins were most impressive in their transitional game showing near perfection in switching between offense and defense. Game four will be Wednesday in Ottawa, and maybe by that time the Senators will take down the picture of the Senators shaking hands with the Penguins after game five of last years play off series that is hanging above the entrance to the Penguins locker room.

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