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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Jimmy Falon to take over for Conan Obrien

It was announced today that Jimmy Falon would be taking over for Conan Obrien, when Conan Obrien leaves to take over for Jay Leno. Few. Alot of people are shocked by this because they don't think Jimmy Falon is funny enough. I for one, was one of the few people in the world that actually thought Taxi was funny, so I think Falon is capable of entertainment. I guess NBC figures no one watches Late Night anyway, so they mind as well give Falon a shot. I do have some reservations about this. I don't know if a talk show host is the best medium for Falon's comedic talent. What, is he going to do the monologue with an acoustic guitar? YES, I guarantee it. I guess I have to remember that Conan Obrien was pretty bad at what he did, but he was funny and the show worked. O'Brien is often manic, he talks over guest, and rarely listens to what they have to say so that he can insert jokes, but it works in its dysfunctional way. Lets home Jimmy Falon can get some dysfunctional functionality going when he takes over. Oh, and anything is better than Last Call with Carson Daily and that Craig Ferguson guy.

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