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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cyril Wecht free for now!!!

After seven weeks of testimony and 11 days of jury deliberations, a verdict couldn't be reached in the prosecution of celebrity coroner Cyril Wecht and the judge declared a mistrial. Pittsburgh doesn't get much national attention, but Dr. Wecht is a world renowned coroner who graces news networks and helps solve crimes around the world. So how is he rewarded by Federal Prosecutors? He has charges of abuse of public office brought against him. There is nothing like bringing criminal charges against someone to thank them for all they did for the city of Pittsburgh. The judge declared a mistrial, but prosecutor Marybeth Buchanan has already said that they will try the case again beginning May 27th. It is estimated that 10 million dollars was the cost to tax payers to try this case, so I guess another 10 million is nothing to find a man guilty of using what amounted to about 2,000 dollars of public money in his private practice. One good thing about a new trial is that we will be able to hear Jim McDevitt's closing arguments again were he compares Cyril Wecht to the Pittsburgh Steelers. He said Cyril Wecht is to Forensic Pathology as the Steelers are to football. That is a sure way to get a jury verdict in Pittsburgh. It looked like it worked because the majority of the jurors were in favor of an acquittal and one juror held out for the prosecution. Wecht went on the offensive today and called the trial a travesty of justice, and accused the prosecutors of being politically motivated (we all know this is true. Buchanan's name came up as one that could possibly be removed if she did not play along with Alberto Gonzalez's operation kiss Bush administration ass policy). So for now Wecht is free, but the city will once again have to endure the useless trial of one of its last loyal, influential, true public figures. Wecht has been nothing but a friend of Pittsburgh and his legacy with the city may be an ugly trial accusing him of behaving in a way that is the farthest from the way he has lived his life. This is just another reason to vote Democrat. Republicans will spend 80 billion on a war and 10 million on a trial that are nothing more than extravagant political chess moves.

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