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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Mets Get Rick Rolled.

I was never really a fan of this Rick Rolled thing. I kind of thought it was a weak prank, but instead of staying stagnant or getting old, the prank is actually got somewhat better. First, I saw this video of someone at a Westboro Baptist Church protest, then I hear about Fark urging people to vote online to make "Never Going to Give You Up" the team song for the New York Mets. And of course, no one tipped the Mets management off to this. What follows has to be the best and what we can only hope is the last Rick Roll. I know this is about two weeks old, but I just caught wind of it. Lets all agree this was funny, and put an end to this. I saw E.D. Hill talking about it on Americans Pulse on Fox News. Is that not the proverbial nail in the coffin?

Here is the Mets Rick Roll that the MLB is not to happy about.

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