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Monday, April 28, 2008

You May Now Kick the Shit Out of Your Bride!!

The Burgh blog has a pretty good post about a lovely young couple in Ross Township (Wud up Ross Township!!!) that got married and celebrated with a public display of affection involving a karate kick to the stomach and brawl in the lobby of the Holiday Inn. The couple began fighting with each other, but then combined their collective trashiness on an innocent couple that stepped in to subdue the bride and groom. Authorities say the groom, Dr. David Wielechowski (yes, doctor), round-house kicked his bride, Christa, knocking her to the floor, which prompted two hotel guests to run to her aid. All four got into a fight, and ended up in the hotel elevator heading down to the first floor. According to the criminal complaint, once on the first floor, the bride and groom picked up metal planters and threw them at Joseph Vacca and Richard Dovi (the Good, but stupid, Samaritans that were attempting to calm down the newly weds). Officials say during the brawl, Vacca knocked out a tooth, suffered a cut to his face and also has a possible broken thumb, and Dovi suffered a minor laceration on his chin. One eye witness said that Christa was screaming incoherently and flailing her arms around at anyone who came near her. The witness also said that David the Dentist was even trying to fight the paramedics who came to treat his injuries. I bet these two were drunk and coked out of their minds. Dentists love coke. The couple was arrested by police and they are now facing charges of simple assault and public drunkenness. Police told KDKA news that the couple managed to create an estimated $1,000 in damages to the hotel during the brawl. Nothing says I love you like kicking your bride in the stomach, and causing complete chaos at your reception. I love the above picture of Christa being released on her own recognizance in her wedding dress, and David with a black eye. This confirms my hopes that she had to spend all of Sunday... in jail... in her wedding dress. Nice. I once went to a wedding reception at this very Holiday Inn, and surprise surprise a fight broke out with the best man being arrested. In that case, the fight was a result of my friend asking the groom "who was that fat ugly lady" who came to the room to tell us to quite down. That fat ugly lady was the grooms mom, and the rest was a Sunday afternoon wedding bloopers segment on Oxygen.  

UPDATE: This gem has made its way to Dlisted! Lets see how many blogs can pick up a story about the municipality I live in !!!

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