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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WALMART decides it may have a heart.

If you haven'y heard about this story involving WALMART and a brain dead women who worked for the company I am not going to explain the whole thing. You can read about it here and here. Basically shit the fan when people heard about this. Kieth Oberman said WALMART was the worst person in the world every night on his Countdown show, and the 24 hours news network hammered it down our throats. I figured WALMART would cave the more there was bad press. Well they finally came to their senses at let the family keep the remaining money in their trust. They also removed the subrogation clause in their health plan. Everyone was upset over this case, but it really quit common. I kind of fell the lawyer shifted the blame to WALAMRT so that he would get a malpractice claim. Most insurance plans have a subrogation clause stating that any money won in a settlement requires a refund of money paid out by the insurance provider. The lawyer should have read this in the plan and been aware of it when he took the case. Plaintiff's coucel should have claimed enough damages to cover the money WALMART paid out of the plan. He didn't and thats how this whole mess started. WALMARt was weel within their rights and did something that happens everyday in personal injury cases. Regardless, WALMART did act heartless, and did not need the money. It is nice to see a big company coming to its senses and realizing that a good public image is worth way more than a couple hundred thousand dollars.

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