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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pittsburgh Grabs 2-0 Lead Over Rangers in Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.

Pittsburgh won game two of the Eastern Conference Sem-Finals Sunday at Mellon Arena. Pittsburgh was on their game blocking shots, and Fleury was credited with his second shut out of the play offs. "Tug-Gate" had little to no effect on Crosby and the team. One visible effect of the controversy was when Rangers defenceman Fedor Tyutin was called for dumping Crosby late in the first period, Jaromir Jagr took a swipe at Crosby after the call and could be seen saying "get up". Ahh poor Rangers. The penguins took the lead with Staal scoring goal number one at 6:05 in the second period. The Rangers basically had a goal in the third with a Straka shot, but the play was stopped by referees before the puck made it into the net. Adam Hall finished off the Rangers in the last minute with an empty net goal. The Penguins have showed they can be as physical and strong as any tenured team in the league. Games 3 and 4 will be Tuesday and Thursday nights at Madison Square Garden, where Pittsburgh is 0-3-1 this season. The Penguins train is gaining more and more steam with more fans climbing on every game. At this point, every verbal fellation and joygasm is warranted and Deadspin can suck it! Hockey fans better get used to seeing a successful Pittsburgh Hockey team. 

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