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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Real World Reflections...

This season's Real World is shaping up to be pretty real. Since they have been forthcoming about the reasons people are on the show, we have no false pretenses about motives. Wednesdy had some notable events. First off we had the "fight" between Brianna and Kimberly that MTV has been hyping for months. For the most part it was your normal skank fight that can be seen on any reality TV show. Kimberly made it worth watching just to witness the shear idiocy of the term "Blackville" being used to reference where Bree was from. Brianna on the other hand proved to everyone why she has a warrant out for her arrest for assault. She must of gotten confused between her job as a Ho and her real life as a ....Ho. It cracks me up that Bree thinks that she can seperate taking her clothes off as an object to make money, and taking her clothes of for men to get find someone to sleep with. Being a stripper affects your head no matter how you try to justify it as being a job only. Strippers are crazy. period. Bree is going cross eyed trying to prove to people that working the pole is a job and doesn't effect her person life. We also got to hear the memorable quote spoken my Julia Allsion, I mean Sarah. When speaking about Bree she said, "I have read about women like Bree in my classes," so she understands how her mind works. Sarah is a womens study major, so she is able to critically look at Bree like an animal in a zoo, taking notes to be used later in some sort of demented psychoanalysis. I find in funny that Sarah is a womens study major, but runs around the house falling for the advances of every man using every trick in the book to get into her pants. Nothing like female empowerment. Go to Real World Dailies to get all your unedited fix on fights, drunken bafoonery, and any other reaon to watch the real world. Oh yea, Joey is building up for a nice drunken meltdown coming some time in the future. His cross -eyed -meat- head insanity is just ready to explode.

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