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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Can't Wait to See Idol Tonight!!

UPDATE: Brooke White was sent packing. There was no notable Paula news aside from Ryan saying something about family, blah blah blah, and that Paula wasn't drunk or something.

I really don't watch idol much. I love the show in the beginning stages, but after they get about 1/3 through eliminating the top twelve, I lose interest until the final three or four. I don't watch the middle part because who cares about the people who will be performing in Stein Mart Department stores by next year. Plus, most of the time is wasted on trying to get of one hanger on for six weeks. Ala Sanjaya. But something did cross by attention last night after the show when I was looking through blogs, and it was the above video. You can tell that Paula is just completely out of it, and comments on two songs of Jason Castro when he only sang one. Awesome!! Now there were rumors all day that Paula was see drinking before the show. If that is true, I say let her drink. That was the most entertaining thing I have ever see on Idol. I love how the audience can be heard laughing. They should just get rid of Simon and Randy and leave Paula as the only judge. Or wait maybe add the crazy New York house wife that has been on You Tube. Now we are cooking. This is how you make sure you don't lose viewers like me. Well, anywho, Idol is back on tonight, I am making sure I watch to see if they have Paula in a straight jacket. You know she will be tyring to be on her best behavior, so she will be doubled Zanaxed. This could be good.
Here is the video:

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