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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Did anyone else see this...

I know this has been making its rounds on the Internet, and I have been meaning to post it, but didn't get around to it until today. I have been quite busy, and haven't updated in a while. I thought today would be a perfect day to catch up. I have now been watching 8 hours of Lord of The Rings on TNT ( I have 4 more hours to go, I am only at the Battle of Helms Deep in the Two Towers so Return of the King hasn't even begun), so I think I can shift my lazy ass from one electronic entertainment device to another. Any who, I will try to update some. This video cracks me up not only because its McCain giving a Martin Luther King speech with a black man holding the umbrella, but because it is such an inferior speech compared to Obama's race speech. When you compare the two it makes you wonder how anyone could hear both speeches and still vote for McCain. I think the crowd agrees with me, because that is booing you hear when McCain says he voted against making Martin Luther King day a holiday in 1983.

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