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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This Weeks CD You Should Buy

This week I am urging everyone to buy, download, or burn MIA's new album Kala.  I know that came out a long time ago, but some may have not heard it yet. The album was without a doubt one of the best albums of 2007, and the single Paper Planes was probably my favorite song of last year, and this year so far. Many argue that MIA is nothing without Diplo, but on her sophomore album she proves that she was not completely dependant on the producer (although the best songs on the album are produced by Diplo). It says a lot when the weakest song on the album is the Timbaland track. Keep your ears open for the Pixies inspired $20. The song is MIA's interpretation of  "Where is My Mind". There is also a cover of Parvati Khan's "Jimmy", the theme song from a Bollywood movie called Disco Dancer (this song was also recently covered by Of Montreal). The album basically feels like a ride through refugee camps around the world with MIA, Switch, and Diplo picking up samples along the way. MIA adds her third world chest thump, and we get music that pushes the boundaries of art, and further advances world musics field trip into pop and underground music. 

Here is Parvati Khan's Jimmy, MIA's Jimmy,  and Of Montreal's Jimmy. Which is your favorite????

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