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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Naomi Campbell beats someone up again....and again .....and again

This news story is one that just won't go away. I feel like every six months to a year you hear this one. It keeps popping up. Its like that game where you have the hammer... You know whack a mole, but it is whack a Naomi assault story. If someone told me that we have been talking about the same assault for ten years I would believe them. It is like Naomi Campbell wants press and knows that assault is her go to, so shes cool with it. Normal gossip column post about night club antics, or romance rumors are useless. Punching someone gets her what she wants, and she is good at it. Its like she wants to remind everyone that she is crazy. People don't even need to write new stories, they can just recycle previous stories. Well, this time Naomi punched a cop at Heathrow Airport and was dragged out of the first class lounge kicking and screaming. I can only hope that she had that shirt on in the above picture. Last time she was ordered community service picking up trash. She showed up in a couture dress. Hahah how funny.

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