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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thank You All Mighty Ganesha

India is really stepping it up in the bid for day time TV talk show material. Most Indians become engineers or doctors to become successful in the United States, but there is now another avenue for success in America. Freaks!!! India is firmly establishing itself as the go to country for freak human deformities. Considering that their population is 1.13 billion, they have pretty good odds for getting some rare birth defects. There have been so many in the news in recent weeks that I am sure you have missed them. So I have decided to bring them to you for your oh so guilty should I be amused, disgusted, or shocked blogging pleasure. In no particular order, here are the weeks or months top mutations.

WARNING: There are kind of shocking and kind of NSFW

5) March 2008. This guy is a street performer with backward legs who sings and dances.

4) December 2006 - Weird Frog Boy discovered ( This one is pretty gross)

3) April 7th 2008. 14 year old girl is the tiniest women in the world standing at 11 inches and weighing 11 pounds. Jyoti says she loves all of the attention that her height brings.

2) November 2007. Eight legged girl named Lakshmi makes it to national news when surgery is performed to remove extra appendages

1) April 8, 2008. This baby girl is insanely popular and has been all over the 24 hour news stations today. I present to you baby with two faces. She is healthy, happy, and freaknasty!

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